Loving the art of gilding, I started studying Verre Eglomise (reverse glass gilding and painting)

This process seemed to embody all of my other skills of painted faux effects, hand painting and

a love of leafing. I first became intrigued with the idea of utilizing eglomise for lighting when I

had been hired to do an art piece for a client’s living room. On first looking at it in the space, all

that read was the silvered mirror effect. When lights were turned on it, all the hand painting

emerged through making for a very mysterious effect. The discovery of this magical effect lead

me to create my very own line of wall sconces.


Embedded designs float behind burnished gold, silver or moon gold leaf. The effect, first

developed by Glomy, a French designer from the eighteenth century, gives a unique glow. The

reverse glass leafing creates a ‘mirror’, which then can be manipulated by burnishing back the

gold or silver leaf and adding hand painted images that come through the leafing.

I’ve developed a method of creating an antiqued mirror look utilizing eglomise. My work has

been used for mirroring walls, traditional mirrors, back splashes and table tops.

I work with a very talented glass cutter who hand bevels my pieces utilizing a process that is

ancient. The effect of the hand bevel creates a lovely slightly faceted effect adding to the

reflection similar to cut glass.


I have been working for the last thirty plus years as a faux finisher, mostly in the Bay Area. My

work is primarily in wall finishes, mural work and Venetian plaster and gilding of

furniture….essentially a wide array of services. I’ve done many years of both the San Francisco

Designer Showcase and the Marin Showcase.


Custom lighting fixtures

Antiqued mirror

Table tops

Back splashes

Mural work

Venetian plaster